CuliWalk Otrobanda

Enjoy the charming city of Willemstad in a completely unique way

Enjoy the most ‘TASTY’ walk in this charming part of Willemstad in a completely unique way.

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Features of this route

6 culinaire stops

The tour is 2.4 km long

The CuliWalk tour has 22 stops

It's a historical tour


Walk the city and support the local (businesses): that sounds like an ideal combination. It is now possible thanks to Pocket guide Audiotours! They created the CuliWalk Otrobanda. A combination of the existing audio walking tour of Otrobanda and local snacks/drinks from the multicultural cuisine of Curaçao. The CuliWalk Otrobanda, which you can walk every Wednesday to Sunday, is a route of about five kilometers. So, you walk without a guide at your own pace and corona proof! In addition to all the special sights that this district has to offer, you make a pit stop at six different places, including at Ceviche 91, Nettobar, Bario Urban Street food & Lionfish & Mangos. At every stop you will be surprised with a delicious local bite or drink. Interested? Do you want to walk the CuliWalk Otrobanda? Book the tour right now. The CuliWalk costs €34.99 and includes the audio-tour and six refreshments. You can walk this CuliWalk Otrobanda every weekday between 3 pm and 7:30 pm. (We suggest to start the tour no later than 5.30 pm) After paying you will receive an email with all the information. Please note that due to the Covid-19 measures, certain sights and/or opening times may differ.


With the CuliWalk Otrobanda you can enjoy the enormous amount of architecture, streetart, culture and religious influences that have laid the foundation for this charming part of Willemstad, combined with tasty bites and drinks. Get to know this part of town in a unique way. Along the tour you will pass these sights among others

  • Neem een foto op 168 meter lange Queen Emma Bridge (Pontjesbrug)
  • Leer meer over de historische gebeurtenis 30 mei 1969 (trinta di mei)
  • Bezoek de beroemdste bar van het eiland ‘ Netto Bar
  • Bezoek en bekijk Seri Otrabanda/Bariohotel/Mural Art

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