Discover your favorite city through our unique audio tours and let the city speak!

Who are we?

We are Pocketguide audio tours. With us you can easily and quickly buy digital vouchers for audio tours in exciting city centers. You can redeem these vouchers in the PocketGuide app. Our audio tours are entertaining, educational, unique and not available anywhere else. We currently offer 3 audio tours: Haarlem, Utrecht and Otrabanda (Willemstad, Curacao). More cities will follow during the year.

Discover our unique audio tours

Discover our unique audio tours


Discover the historic city and be surprised by the many sights the city has to offer.


Be surprised by the beautiful and ancient city of Utrecht.

Otrobanda, Willemstad

Stroll through the historic and impressive city with a rich history.

Otrabanda, Willemstad

Enjoy the most ‘TASTY’ walk in this charming part of Willemstad in a completely unique way.


Enjoy the most ‘TASTY’ walk in this historic City Haarlem in a completely unique way.

How does it work?

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Follow the route of the tour you purchased, including audio and live location

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03 Listen to the audio and enjoy the tour

The benefits of our audio tours

Discover the many benefits of our audio tours. The tours we offer are unique, challenging and surprising. With the audio tour you will also learn interesting things about the city itself and experience the city in a completely new way. Moreover, after downloading, you can follow the audio tours without data consumption and the audio tours are available in multiple languages. Enjoy and have fun!

Available in multiple languages

Our audio tours are available in multiple languages ​​and you can pay in different ways, including iDeal, Credit card and PayPal. The tour introduces you to the city in a fun way, so you get to know the city from a totally new side. For this you only need your smartphone with GPS location. The tours work offline, without data usage. Download the audio tour quickly, discover your favorite city and be surprised.

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Available in multiple languages

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